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Only 3 Exercises

This post is not intended to be long at all but short and to the point. Due to current situation, there is pressing need for effective home workout. What is great about this workout is its efficiency and effectivity. Before we get there, I want you to understand something. The current situation is not going to affect your fitness level, except you train specifically for maximal strength in weight-lifting or just lift heavy- considering you do not own a gym.

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Goals in 2020

New year – new you. As my good friend said “we are going to f**k this year”. When entering a new year, you need to have a goal. It would be unwise to jump in it without one. To have a goal, it needs to be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-framed to make it work. Would be also smart to make a short-term and long-term goals as that is how it is done best.

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Why exercising?

If someone would have asked me this question before I got started, I would say “why not” which is more likely the same for most of us. Now, I can say “it is a lifestyle I cannot give upon” as the benefits are clear. Continue reading “Why exercising?”

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Mental training with self-talk.

Becoming efficient at achieving our fitness goals is directly linked to our mindset as it allows us to give maximum every day. If the mind gives in, muscles follow. The question is how can we stay on the right track all the time? We have discussed earlier “the self-discipline” which is a great start but understanding what it takes to become self-disciplined, is what gets real results. Continue reading “Mental training with self-talk.”

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Timing is everything.

As my goal is achieving maximal productivity, training less but right is all I strive for. This can be only achieved by investing more in health, quality of workouts and regeneration. And timing is everything.  Continue reading “Timing is everything.”

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Bodybuilding in 1 Hour.

We have been recently demonstrating 2h a week gym concept, now it is time for some progress. 5 months ago, I started training for 1h a week and constantly progressing with regeneration, strength, and performance. Although, I do not see noticeable changes in physique probably due to fact that, I am natural, my genetics sucks (hard gainer) and our bodies get best at 30s. I also do not strive for big muscles but more efficient fitness, better health, performance, and strength, as it helps me to deal with day-to-day challenges (mentally, physically). Continue reading “Bodybuilding in 1 Hour.”

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Clean and healthy bulking – Good gains.

To get things straight, I am still on ketogenic diet (15 months) and still enjoying it to the fullest. No cravings for sweet neither lack of strength or performance. The process of gaining muscles is often called “bulking” for those not familiar with lifting. There are other ways of gaining muscles, however we focus on efficiency, thus must consider health and safety. It is not about working hard but doing things right and then working hard. Otherwise, training 2h a week would have never been accomplished. You can refresh the benefits of ketogenic diet in reference section. Continue reading “Clean and healthy bulking – Good gains.”