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Final Stage 2

As we touched on the food the previous post, few more remarks are worth mentioning. So, basically you realize you do not need to eat 5 times a day or every 3-4 hours to stay progressive and be more productive (you decide how much time you got for eating but do not undereat). Since, you have been getting nutrients right, got totally surprised that, you could really train heavy-intense on empty stomach, early morning and even be progressive like other top athletes who do so.

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Final Stage

It has been years since the journey got started and you wonder how to progress further. If your goal is to get fit, you need to have a well-balanced program so you use each body part efficiently, and prevent any unnecessary hardships stemming from inconsistent development of your strength and coordination.

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Which Protein?

Whether you workout or keep active, the significance of your protein intake is crucial. Especially, over time when normal protein or no protein will not do. This is relatively no hard topic within the industry just big marketing – all you need to know is that you need 1,8g of protein per 1 kg of your body weight (max 2g) and which type of protein suits you best to meet your goals and correspond with your lifestyle.

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Sofia vs. Budapest

When you get bored in Athens and you also had visited most of the Isles or just planning change of destination, the airport is always within your reach (10 euro by metro and 6 by bus). Taking a short trip to closests capitals sounds like a good idea, especially when you are too demanding traveller for these two got much to offer for anyone.

Not too picky nor challenging. Usually, hit roads to train at new places, meet new people and relax in wellness while having a quick look at local architecture and historical sites.

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Eat and Train in Athens

If you travel and exercise, you know how important it is to stay committed to the process even when, on holiday or short trip. Thinking of where to go, why not try Athens?

You could arrange your stay with these great tips based on how long you plan to stay and how much you intend to spend.

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Do you need Supplements?

Well, it was mentioned here once and I keep reminding it that supplements are not needed yet, they are inevitable. Depending on your goals and commitment or it could be even your budget, you must make up your mind whether you implement it in your diet or not. If you do, make it smart.

There are some objectives to be considered such as: Are you time limited? Do you seek constant progress? Do you want to get fit smart?

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What else to eat?

Once you commit to eat green veggies with nuts while make it more pleasurable with variations, you can spice it up with more pleasure to stay on the right track. Quality calories are must and to know what to eat is like a swimmining in safe waters where nothing unexpected could happen only progress.

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