Bodybuilding might be very confusing due to information overload. There are certainly many ways to reach your fitness and health goals. However, if you value your time and want to enjoy the benefits of being fit, the efficient solution is your new tomorrow.

According to many studies, full muscle regeneration takes up to 3-7 days and heavy-intense stimulus are best for muscle and performance optimization. Therefore, we focus on quality rather than quantity of training. The same goes for the food and nutrients.

You can eat 3 meals a day and definitely train twice a week and get the same or comparable results as other natural bodybuilders training multiple times a week. Besides that, you learn to stimulate your testosterone and growth hormone production to speed up recovery process and increase your strength and performance to get most out of your trainings, thus more gains.

Effective fitness makes you more productive not just at gym but also in life. You feel like doing more when your work capacity is increased due to progressive overload when lifting. When training, you target 5 basic movements that you perform on daily basis, so you are going to move more. You also have more time, when you train less.

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